On Warframe and Late Capitalism

5 thoughts on “On Warframe and Late Capitalism”

  1. I thought about addressing that but it didn’t feel like the right place, and it would really bloat this post already. While I do agree that their monetisation strategies are not perfect by any means, you can pretty much acquire everything in the game through grinding.

    Of course, that is A LOT of grinding for some things, meaning you either pay or you stop playing if you don’t have the time, which is obviously not great. Some things are even set up in ways that you can’t actually buy the thing you want, or the resources you need to build it, so you have no other choice but to grind, in other words the grinding is a central conceit of this game.

    Giving the option of paying to hurry up production of things is definitely aimed at that very specific part of your brain that wants that new shiny now. On the other hand, you can always do some farming and trade the stuff you farmed for the premium currency. Also, no lootboxes.

    I guess it’s a roundabout way of saying that it’s not perfect but personally I find it to be a pretty decent free to play implementation – it’s definitely the only F2P game that I play, and it has so far not repelled me with its tactics, and it’s been a LONG time playing.

    Finally there is also the fact that Digital Extremes is now owned by a Chinese company – I honestly have not done the research about that company’s practices and etc. so can’t really comment on it, but it is certainly puts it in a position where it is difficult to take its critiques of capitalism seriously.

    I isolated this to the story and characters of Fortuna but that is certainly not the full story.


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